Quick Setup + Nice UI

I recently upgraded to Mail Booster, and it was a quick setup. Nice Design


Perfect Helpdesk

I has a perfect Help-Support that solved out small problem with using SMTP and Google.


Excellent and fast support

Excellent support.


Works well // Personal Edition

Setup was nice and easy. The plugin works as advertised and the UI is nicely designed.


Workss perfect

This plugin helped me a lot to send emails using Google s site server, which is really useful to make sure mails don’t go into the spam folder!
Really clear and easy to follow setup, we’ll designed, my compliments!


Workss perfect

This plugin helped me a lot to send emails using Google s site server, which is really useful to make sure mails don’t go into the spam folder!
Really clear and easy to follow setup, we’ll designed, my compliments!


Easy to use – Great Support

Great script, easy to use. And Nathan provides a great support.


Excellent functionality & support, incredibly fast bug-fixing

I tried out the free version of the plugin after running in some difficulties with mail-handling . MailBank provided easy, clear setup and configurations and my problems were fixed after 5 minutes. Wow.
Then I realized a minor side-effect on one plugin and contacted support. The next business day they already mailed me, having analyzed the issue and created a new plugin-version fixing the problem. Stunning!
So just instantly ended up buying the business version of the plugin, because that kind of support from TechBankers is priceless. Thanks guys and please keep up this attitude!!


Excellent Support

Hi Nathan, you are so nice ?
Thanks for helping, very quick respond ^^


Excellent Support

Thanks for the help! Very Timely!




Problem solved fast !!!!


good support

Downloaded the new personal version first, lacked functionality so upgraded to bussinesss, both time they woudl not validate, but support form techbanker was fast and helped fix the issues.

fast refund of personal edition..

liked the free version but wanted the mail logging capabilites


easy to install

easy to install and works.


It’s working

I like this plugin and it’s works perfectly on my site…



mails now goes to inbox !


Easy to use…

… works fine


Freaking worked with GoDaddy – YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!

I am using Contact Form 7 and I have GoDaddy hosting and as we all know GoDaddy and as we all know… your forms won’t deliver the emails without a SMTP relay. I’ve tried several SMTP plugins, could not seem to get them working with GoDaddy hosting until I stumbled upon this one. (big sigh) Finally, thanks!


Great Plugin

Great Plugin !

We always want to do some things so complicated, but this plugin save us some time.

Thanks !



Multi-Site Perfection

Gotta thank you guys for this one.

It is working perfectly, super easy to install and super user friendly to setup each sites SMTP info.

In my case I wanted the ability to use one plugin for all the sites but with the ability to have each site’s own unique email settings (or not) if I desire.

What more could a dev ask for?

Thanks again.

CompuMatter Computer Store
Anacortes, WA



It just works.


Plug & play

very useful and easy to use. well done!


Great plug-in! Using it on Standard and Multi-sites

In the past I was using a different SMTP mail plug-in but the developer seems to have given up on it and there’s been no activity or updates for the other plugin in a long time, so I thought I better look for something that was being updated regularly, had a lot of people using it and had good reviews and prompt replies to support forum questions. Glad I found your plug-in! It’s so simple to use and works perfect for my needs. I’d like to see this become plugin features part of WP core! Thank you to the developers who did an outstanding job on this plugin. I’m using it on all my WP sites now, Standard and Multi-site installs. I found one error — but, it was mine, not yours. ? I highly recommend the plug-in and I’ll support your efforts and contribution.


Excellent plugin

Great plugin. After a long search, this plugin did the job (long understood, BUT it WORKS). Thank you so much and good luck for finding new ideas!


The Best

Works fine, it,s the best, thanks


Simple and affective



Impressive work!!!

The first one i tried… Easy to setup and plenty of features. Simple yet attractive plugin.



Amazing plugin! Well written, very customizable and easy to set up. Thank you very much!


Great Plugin!

It is a fantastic plugin.

It is great to load a coming soon page while you build the rest of the site.

Simple to use and has all the features that we need.
Awesome and easy to use plugin.

Great job!


Awesome Design

One of the best coming soon pages i have ever installed! Great Job!


Nice Design – super Support

Fantastic plugin for a coming soon site. Can be arranged very non-standard. The support is super and reacted very fast to questions.Top!!!


the service is good.


Good work, Fast support!



My site came under a serious week-long brute force attack and Cleanup Optimizer immediately blocked those IPs. They kept coming (using phony IPs of course) and I was very concerned that they would get in. It’s happened before (not using CO). The notifications made me aware of what settings I needed to tweak, and also gave me the opportunity to alert my web host of what was going on. The site is still secure! THANK YOU CO!


It took only a few hours to get a response in order to solve my problem, TOP!


We had a little difficulty with 1 of 2 installs but Tech Support was right there and took care of the problem. Very happy with the product, installed for the login blocking but . . .
We wound up buy 2 business packages and have found the expanded options available in the Business package to be of great benefit.


I contacted for a registration problem in my URL, since I previously had the registration enabled for my web http but to pass to https contacted and updated the registry in order to continue using this excellent plugin.


Quick support response, efficient follow-up.


This plugin is an essential part of my armour for repelling brute force attacks.


The plugin works as described and they provide excellent customer service. :O)

Mark Worthen

I bought the PRO plugin and I had some issues getting my license activated because my site runs on https. I contacted Support and got the problem fixed withing 3 minutes of sending my request for help. Well done!


works great, support is great also!


Great support.


I had an issue when installing the Eco version whereby the plugin did not show in the menu. This was resolved very quickly but the support guys, all I did was log the problem in the forum on the website and they logged into the site and sorted everything. Very very good service and plugin. Very happy ?


Awesome Plugin

I am loving it.

Ohidul Islam

I love this plugin – I tried many others that just wouldn’t pass authentication onto my mail server cleanly!
This was the only one out of 6 I tried that worked, and was super easy ?


I had an issue with the name field where the field would not convert html characters back on output. I submitted a ticket and they very quickly released an update which fixed the issue. I am very satisfied with this plugin and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of it.


It works just fine and with no hassles.


functionality was awsem

williams jhoseph

Отличный плагин. Перебрал несколько штук для отправки почты через smtp, но удалось нормально отправлять почему то только через этот.


Discovered a conflict with iThemes. Tech-Banker resolved the bug within a single day, then reported back on what the error was. All is fine now. Great Support!


I keep expecting something to go horribly wrong, but it just works day after day.

I am so use to things failing, I get really paranoid when stuff just works.

Something has to be wrong someplace, but I have yet to find it.


My host blocks php mail, so I needed another way to send mail through wordpress. Other plugins I tried couldn’t send mail through google apps properly, either not working or very slowly (10 minutes after sending I would receive it). Mail bank is very easy to configure and troubleshoot, and works flawlessly, I cannot recommend it enough!


Easy & Simple Plugin to use!


Fantastic design

This plugin has a great and outstanding design (animated background!). It’s even in the free version highly customizable and works great for small websites.


It’s very usefull for monitoring your website with addition security features.


I am impressed. This is a must have plugin. Kudos to the developers. Well done! Great Job.


This is a great backup plugin and support is awesome!


It only took less than 35 seconds to backup an 180MB WordPress site internally and upload to my FTP Server. Well done!


Wallah, what a superb plugin.

The UI is as beautiful as its working.

It’s working flawlessly till now. Looking forward using on more my websites.


سأكون في غاية يوصي هذا البرنامج. البرنامج سريع وسلس. كما تقدر تجاوب فريق الدعم.


Good support and service! They solve the issue quickly and directly.


Quick response to request for help, they solved my issue quickly and efficiently would highly recommend!


The tech support from Tech Banker is great! They were prompt to fix my small issues. I was having issues with my captcha code not showing up on my contact form while not logged into the admin area of my wordpress site. They got it fixed quickly.


While there was a little problem with the initial setup, thanks to great support it is working really well.


Great plugin and great support. ?

Thank You


As I am not a developer and have very little coding experience, I was stack on several fronts sorting out my site. But support were very patient with me and assisted in sorting all problems. I am happy to report that everything is now working fine. Thank you Support Team.


Title says it all. It covers >95% of my needs in simple format.


Important Disclaimer: We are the Developers of Clean Up Booster

Thank you Mika & WordPress Team for putting this plugin on Repository.

We are now using Clean Up Booster on every site that we own.

If you are a Clean Up Booster user and found it useful then please consider rating it here and leaving your feedback:)

Best Regards,

The WP Empire

The WP Empire

Wow, i’m really impressed ..


Great plugin and support. When I found a small bug, the plugin developers fixed that and released new version one hour after I created support ticket. Amazing!


Its a very good WordPress tool not only to optimize and clean database but it also got few very important security features like email alert when someone login etc and many more. We would love to buy a pro version for this.


Great product as well as support is very responsive and knowledgeable.
Thanks WP Empire Team!


This is a nice plugin, but I found out that it conflicts with the CSS of other plugins. Please use specific style names or specific cascaded styles in future versions, instead of generic styles like just “.label”.

Great product as well as support is very responsive and knowledgeable.
Thanks WP Empire Team!


Nice Plugin. Pretty Straight forward.
Will use this on my other sites as well, if all goes well in few days.

thewordpresslover- August 24, 2016

Worked Flawlessly!

Would have been more happier, if could move the backups to Google Drive too!

wizkid875- May 23, 2016

Top Quality Plugin!

rjkdealers- May 19, 2016