How to manage Custom Cron Jobs?

On the Clean Up Booster’s Navigation Panel, select Cron Jobs – Custom Cron Jobs.

Once you click on “Custom Cron Jobs”, you will be redirected to the following page as mentioned below.

Clean Up Booster - Cron Jobs - Custom Cron Jobs

Name of the Hook : It allows you to view the name of the “Custom Scheduled Events”.

Interval Hook : It displays the Scheduled Events Interval.

Args : Whenever you create the scheduler and pass the “Arguments” to the hook function. Then it displays the Arguments.

Next Execution : It displays the “Date & Time” for the next Execution of the Custom Scheduled Events.

In order to “Delete Cron Job” from the list of cron jobs as shown above, you would need to click on the “Delete Icon” located under the Name of the Hook column in each row. By clicking on this button, you would see a confirmation message asking to “Confirm” whether you would like to delete the cron job?

Once you press the OK button, the scheduler would be deleted from the database and stopped for execution.