WooCommerce Plugin Customization


We can integrate and customize WooCommerce plugin with additional functionalities to meet your demands. We will ensure that all functionality works properly with complete optimization and documentation once the customization is complete.

Main Features

    • Design Modification
    • Update Plugin Features
    • Custom Shortcodes & Widgets
    • Improve SEO & Code Optimization
    • Plugin Security Setup
    • Responsive Design
    • Interface Modification
    • Cross Browser Compatibility
    • Complete Documentation and Videos
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction
    • Professional & Long Term Service



We are a team of expert and talented developers that can customize your WooCommerce Plugin to match your goals with an ease.

We provide the following things via this service :

Design Modification

Our Designers and developers would modify the designs for your existing WooCommerce Plugins to make it more creative and unique, increasing its market demands.

Update Plugin Features

If you are bored with the existing features of your plugin and want to get it customized then you are at the right place.
We can customize your existing plugin with new features with an ease as per your requirement to enhance its functionality and usage.

Custom Shortcodes & Widgets

We can add custom shortcodes and widgets for your existing WooCommerce Plugin to enhance its functionality. The code would be fully optimized and secure. Custom shortcodes and widgets would allow you to display your plugin on Page / Post easily.

Improve SEO & Code Optimization

Our Developers would improve the SEO for your WooCommerce plugin to increase its rank on the Google Search Engine.
They would rewrite the Optimized code with proper coding Standards in order to make the existing code execute faster increasing its efficiency.
A detailed report would be submitted once we finish our job.

Plugin Security Setup

Our Developers can implement roles and capabilities feature for your existing plugin which would Controls the capabilities of your plugin among different roles of WordPress users making it secure from unauthorized users.

Responsive Design

Our team of expert developers can modify your existing plugin’s CSS to make it responsive so that it could be viewed on various display screens.

Interface Modification

As we believe in user friendly interface for the products we develop.
Our designers can update the existing interface for your plugin to user friendly including Clarity, Concision, Familiarity, Responsiveness, Consistency and Efficiency.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Our developer ensure you with the multi-platform compatible WooCommerce Plugin.

This means that the website would work on various platforms and browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and others.

Complete Documentation and Videos

Once the customization process is complete for your WooCommerce plugin, we will provide you the complete videos and documentation guide for getting started easily.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We can customize your existing WooCommerce Plugin to match your goals. We will modify existing code with some new or modified features as required.
We will make sure all functionality works properly once the customization is complete and guarantee you 100% satisfaction with the results.

Professional & Long Term Service

We believe in friendly, reliable and long term relations as 90% or more of our business comes from repeat business or client references.
We communicate directly and swiftly, in order to insure that you are informed along the way with the progress of your design outcome.

What we require?

You will need to provide us with the following details in order to get your existing WooCommerce Plugin customized live on the server for your website.

  • Detail List of customization required.
  • Web-hosting Login Details (panel URL, username & password)
  • Web-site Login Details (website URL, username & password)
  • FTP Details (server, username & password)
  • Complete Project Requirement with Logo, Content, Images, Graphics & preferred colors for your WooCommerce Plugin.

Delivery Time Frame

Our usual Delivery Time Frame would be 8 Business Days and upto 4 revisions (excluding weekends) subject to level of complexity and compatibility of the Woocommerce Plugin to be customized. We starts our project once the required information is received.