Website Re-design & Customization


We can re-design your website to give it a unique and attractive look.
100% satisfaction is guaranteed with the concept and designs provided.
For Modifications of layout and design, send us the ideas which would help us to meet your needs.

Main Features

    • Re-design Website Layout
    • Responsive Design
    • Additional Features and Functionality
    • Code Optimization
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Cross Browser Compatibility
    • Logo, Banners, Text & Graphics
    • Content Management
    • Security Management
    • Internal Linking
    • Menus & Sidebar
    • Sliders Integration
    • Multi-Platform Compatibility
    • Social Sharing Integration & Modification
    • Google Map Integration
    • Re-design Database Structure
    • Latest Updates
    • Bug Fixes & Error Handling
    • Maintaining Error Logs
    • Documentation & Videos
    • Long Term and Reliable Service


We experts, provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. Our goal is to provide you with the best, optimized and satisfactory results to your development needs.

Redesign Website Layout

Our developers would re-design the layout of the website to change its look and feel entirely, making it more professional, creative and unique.

Responsive Design

The code would be fully Responsive, Optimized and Cross Browser Compatible.

We use the technology using which web designers code the style sheets of the website in a manner that its layout automatically adjusts itself to more comfortably fit the width of the browser in which it is being viewed.

Additional Features and Functionality

Our developers can add additional features for your website to increase the level of functionality of your website.

This can be done as per your requirement i.e. the features which you want us to implement for your website.

Code Optimization

Code optimization is a set of methods of code modification to improve code quality and efficiency.

We will optimize the existing code in the manner that will increase your website Efficiency, minimize the occurrence of errors and make it capable of operating with less memory storage.

Search Engine Optimization

We can Increase your site’s traffic by improving search engine results.

We will perform some actions such as HTML, CSS & JS Minification, Improve basic load time, Optimize images for SEO and much more to enhance your WordPress Website Speed.

A detailed report would be submitted once we finish our job.

Security Management

Security is the most important aspect for a website. Your website must be secure to protect it from hackers.

For this we will follow the steps given below:

Keep all the software up to date to keep the website secure
Perform SQL Injection using parameterized queries.
Limit the error message to protect the website from brute force attack.
Perform server side validation.
Password Encryption
Checking and preventing the upload for the file extension as a file with the name image.jpg.php
SSL Configuration

Internal Linking

Internal linking for a website is one of the main techniques to build internal SEO value and fluid navigation.
We will set the internal linking for your site to make it more flexible and navigable. It would also help to increase he website traffic and turning the visitors into your business customers.

Menus & Sidebar

Our designers and developers can modify and update the design and functionality for the menus and sidebars. The customization can be done as per your requirement.

Sliders Modification

We can modify the type of slider, graphics and content for slider as required to make it more creative and eye-catching.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

If your existing website is not platform independent then it’s time to go for it. Our developers would ensure the platform compatibility of your existing website once the customization is complete.

Social Sharing Integration & Modification

Our customization service would provide you with the Social Sharing Integration & Modification. Our developers can integrate your website with the new social sharing options as required.

Cross Browser Compatibility

If your existing website is not compatible to different browsers then our developer will ensure you that the website customization would include compatible with all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, Optimized for small screen devices, Professional coding and SEO friendly.

Logo, Banners, Text & Graphics

We can manage the existing logo, banners and graphics for your website to enhance its look and feel.
We would also update the content for your website, elaborating your business to meet your targets and goals.

Content Management

We will manage and update the existing contents for your website to load it with useful and informational content, describing your business in detail to turn the visitors into your customers.

Google Map Integration

Our developers can embed Google Map for your existing website to local to provide a detailed mapped image of the entire world.

The service is also capable of providing directions to any destination and can even calculate the shortest or the least expensive travel route.

Re-design Database Structure

To optimize the database and increase its performance, our developers would customize your database by re-designing and modifying it.

Latest Updates

Your website software should be up to date to increase its efficiency.

Our developer would update your website with latest software to enhance the features of your website.

Bug Fixes & Error Handling

We are specialized into Website Troubleshooting which includes:
PHP errors, Database errors, JavaScript errors and CSS errors and much more.
Provide us the detailed description of issue with the error messages or log files to speed up the fix process.

Maintaining Error Logs

Our developers would maintain the log files for your existing website to diagnose problems or errors. Maintaining error logs is our motto to monitor the performance of the website.

Documentation & Videos

Once the customization process is complete, we will provide you the complete videos and documentation guide for getting started easily with the customized website.

Long Term and Reliable Service

We believe in long term relationship. Customer Satisfaction is our first priority. We ensure you our reliable and friendly service to maintain our business relation for long span of time.

We’ll proceed based on your requirement or information and update you the progress side by side.

What we require?

You will need to provide us with the following details in order to get your theme customized live on the server for your website.

  • Detail List of customization
  • Web-hosting Login Details (panel URL, username & password)
  • Web-site Login Details (website URL, username & password)
  • FTP Details (server, username & password)
  • Complete Project Requirement with Logo, Content, Images, Graphics & preferred colors for your website.

Delivery Time Frame

Our usual Delivery Time Frame would be 10 Business Days and upto 5 revisions (excluding weekends) subject to level of complexity and compatibility with the demands of the clients. We starts our project once the required information is received.