E-Books & Digital Design


Provide you with unique concepts and eye-catching eBook designs.
100% satisfaction is guaranteed with the concept and designs provided for your company.
Send us the designs which you like and dislike which help us to gauge a style which suit your needs.

Main Features

    • Book Overview
    • Professional and Unique Designs
    • Multiple File Format
    • High-quality end products
    • 100% custom design
    • E-Book Cover Size
    • Multi Language
    • Multi Language Cover
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction
    • Professional and Long Term Service


We are a team of expert designers who will design professional and creative E-Book Covers to catch your customer’s attention and increase sale of your product.

The following are the things which would be included in the service :

Book Overview

A complete Book Overview is given via the E-Book designed by our designers to achieve your business targets and meet the market demands.

Professional and Unique Designs

Our team of Designers would provide you the Professional and original designs making your E-Book eye-catching and unique. You would also own the Copyright to the chosen designs.

Multiple File Format

Your E-Book would be delivered in .epub, .mobi and .pdf format.
.mobi – compatible with Amazon’s Kindle
.epub – the most used and popular format, compatible with a huge variety of mobile devices, such as iPad, Nook, Kobo eReader, Sony Reader and many, many more, even smartphones!

High-quality end products

High Quality end product would be delivered to you once the designing process is complete. Our aim is to make your business to meet the market demands, increasing the number of customers and sale of your products.

100% Custom Design

Our Designers would provide you a custom layout design that assures the visual integrity and cohesiveness through all types of devices.

E-Book Cover Size

Our Designers would provide you the E-Book in different sizes as per your requirement.

Multi Language Cover

We could provide you the E-Book Cover in your native language which would convert your readers into your customers, increasing your business demands and sales.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Once the designing process is complete our Designers would perform a Compatibility test on the following devices: Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad & iOS apps, Android smartphones & apps.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is our first priority. We guarantee 100% Satisfaction with our quality of end products and ensure you positive results for your business requirement.

Professional and Long Term Service

We would offer you a professional relationship with Quality Service with corporate standards. We ensure you our reliable and friendly service to maintain our business relation for long span of time.

What we require?

You will need to provide us with the following details in order to get your E-Book Designed.

  • E-Book Cover Concept.
  • Book title, subtitle and author.
  • Your description of what you need, including color and font preferences.
  • Cover Image you wish you use.
  • Specify the Cover Size for your E-Book.
  • A synopsis of the book or a few snippets of content so we can get a feel for the book and its contents.
  • Genre & Target audience.
  • Text to include on the back cover (optional).
  • Reference of content or ideas, like websites that contains any ideas of what you are looking for if it applies.
  • Anything else you feel we need to know in order to make your E-Book Cover awesome.

Delivery Time Frame

Our usual Delivery Time Frame would be 10 Business Days and upto 5 revisions (excluding weekends) subject to level of complexity and compatibility with the demands of the clients. We starts our project once the required information is received.