Clean Up Booster Business Edition


Clean Up Booster is a Superlative High Quality WordPress Plugin which not only allows you to clean and optimize the WordPress Database but also performs other vast functions.

Main Features

  • Support & Updates for 1 Installation
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Technical Support
  • No Coding Knowledge
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • Block IP Addresses
  • Unblock IP Addresses
  • Block IP Ranges
  • Unblock IP Ranges
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • Auto IP Address Block/Unblock
  • Manual WordPress Data Cleanup
  • Schedule WordPress Data Cleanup
  • Manual WordPress Database Cleanup
  • Schedule WordPress Database Cleanup
  • Block/Unblock Country Options
  • Email Settings


Clean Up Booster Business Edition can help us to clean up the WordPress Database by removing “Revision” , “Draft” , “Auto Draft” and so on. It allows you to clean up unused, orphaned and duplicated data in your WordPress. You can view the list of Blocked IP addresses as well as you can also Unblock the IP addresses.

Another advanced feature is that you can Block certain countries to protect your site from unauthorized access.

Clean Up Booster Business Edition also provides the following features :

  • Manually Optimize Tables
  • Manually Repair Tables
  • Manually Delete Tables
  • Manually Empty Tables
  • Schedule Tables Optimization
  • Schedule Tables Repairing
  • Schedule Tables Deletion
  • Schedule Tables Empty
  • Remove Pingbacks
  • Remove Trackbacks
  • View Table Records
  • View Core and Custom Cron Jobs
  • Deleting Cron Jobs
  • Login Logs Information
  • Live Traffic Information
  • Maximum Login Attempts
  • Alert Setup Settings
  • Error Messages Settings
  • Email Templates
  • Roles and Capabilities